Starting A Repair Business

If you are inclined mechanically then you can start a repair business as well. You can generate income when you repair the home-based appliances. You will be repairing most of the home appliances like microwaves, washing machines etc.

You do not need any license or formal training to start a repair business. You may, however, need to do a vocational training or get hands-on experience to start your own repair service.

How to start a repair business

To start your own repair business you will need:

  • A truck that will help you to transport the tools and equipment. You may also put the tools in the car trunk
  • You will need some basics like belts, fuses, and thermostats
  • You will have to invest in making magnetic signs, a website, and business cards
  • You need to have a work area where you can do the major repairs
  • You need a business license to start the business
  • You need to have a strong network and skill to develop a relationship with your clients

Benefits of starting a repair business

  • If you are determined to start your own repair business, then this is a good venture to get into.
  •  Almost all repairers are self-employed.
  • The electronics industry is expanding and this means that there is always scope for revenue for those who are into this business.
  • If you can fine tune your skills then this can let you earn a great income.
  • You can read the online manual and learn how to repair new machines.
  • You may end up earning extra if you can be on call during the emergency working hours as well.

Challenges of starting a repair business

  • Repairing appliances could cause injury because you need to pick up heavy things and use complicated tools. There is also a danger of electric shocks and being exposed to leaks.
  • Appliances are here to stay and they will malfunction and breakdown. However, most of them find it more cost effective to replace it. There are some home appliances that will cost you more when you go to repair it as compared to replacing it.


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Also, to start a repair business is easy but you need to be good at your work. The competition is tough and most of them will not be ready to try out a new repair service provider if they have already been using one. This means that it could get a little difficult to enter the market and get customers.