Five Resolves For Personal Revival

A tool for bringing biblical discipline into the life “for the purpose of godliness”.
Availabe to read/print online here or as a formatted, downloadable bulletin insert here.

Thirty-five Reasons Not To Sin – By Jim Elliff. A rationale for practical holiness.
Available as a downloadable bulletin insert here.

The Unrepenting Repenter – By Jim Elliff. A four page card encouraging self-examination regarding biblical vs. incomplete repentance.
Available to print from your browser here.

The Integrity of the Local Church – By Jim Elliff, A call to leaders to maintain the soundness of the church’s spiritual union. 14 pp.
Available to print from your browser here.

Childhood Conversion – By Jim Elliff, What to observe and how to cooperate with the Holy Spirit in the conversion of children. 9 pp.
Available online here.

The Eaglet – By Jim Elliff. Vividly illustrated story explaining true faith and repentance. Illustrated by Caffy Whitney. 24 pp.
Available online here.

A Pictorial Survey of the Bible – By Buz McNutt. 36 Graphic depictions for easy grasp of the history of the Bible. Great for kids and adults.
Available online here.

An Intimate Hour With God – A tool that guides you or a group through an hour of prayer. May also be used daily or for special occasions, retreats, days of prayer, camp prayer time, church prayer meetings, etc.
Available online here.