Find your purpose

We are all made in such a way that we are constantly looking for a purpose in life. Earlier it was simpler and the main purpose was to survive. Then slowly the purpose of life started evolving and changing with the changing times. Even fifty years back the main purpose was to provide your loved ones with the basic necessities like food, shelter, education,and maybe some travel and health needs. As time changes so do our priorities in life and the purpose also keeps changing. Some people think that the job they have is the purpose of their life. People are increasingly looking for meaning in their jobs and who can blame them. We all have heard of famous people who are passionately in love with their jobs. Is it possible for everyone to find purpose in their jobs? Not really and it is not advisable as well. It is better to find somethingoutside of your work area.

To find something which will give you purpose, you should try out different things. It is not always possible to find a job which you love and this creates a problem. You need the job to survive but over a period of time it can start to bore you and then soon you start hating it and it ends up making you unhappy. Anything which gives us a sense of purpose should also make us happy or give us a feeling of well being.Only a few lucky people can have a job which is fulfilling in every way. There are many things which combine to give you a sense of well being. Good personal relationships, socially active life, an enriching hobby, working for a cause all these are important in a person’s life. If we just concentrate on our jobs then we somehow end up neglecting other important facets which are necessary for a good life.

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